Reel Dreams Bahamas Sightseeing and Sunset Cruises

Nassau Sightseeing Cruises

So fishing isn't your thing, and you don't want to get wet; Reel Dreams Charters also offers Nassau sightseeing charters that also include a brief lesson in Bahamian history. Our tour begins in Nassau Harbour; here you will view sights including the Prince George Wharf and the cruise ships at port, the historic Fort Charlotte, the oldest hotel (still in operation) the British Colonial, and the first lighthouse ever built by Bahamian authorities, The Nassau Harbour Lighthouse. We continue the tour as we steam towards the popular Rose Island and Sandy Cay, aka Gilligan's Island. Book now to enjoy sights like these                                                                                      Atlantis Nassau Fort Charlotte

Sunset Cruises

If you've been in The Bahamas for at least two days, there's a good chance that you're sun burnt. Book now and enjoy these sights while experiencing a Bahamian Sunset aboard our clean and comfortable "Reel Dreams":

Sunset Cruise ships at Prince George Wharf Nassau Harbour Lighthouse

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*Please note that effective January 1st, 2015 there will be a 7.5% VAT (Valued Added Tax) on all goods and services in The Bahamas. Prices listed do not include VAT.

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